Chrysanthemum Coconut Water Post Work-out Hydration Tea

Updated: May 17, 2022

Chrysanthemum ? Coconut Water ? Post Work-out Hydration Tea = Chrysanthemum flowers + Hot Water + Coconut Water
Chrysanthemum flowers( Chrysanthemum morifolium) are used to make a delicious and nutritious tea, that ranges from pale yellow to dark yellow in color. It has been studied for its many health benefits including anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-HIV and anti-inflammatory activity. However, it has another amazing property, it is an internal “coolant”. This means it allows for your core body temperature to cool quickly and safely after a work-out. Pairing it with coconut water allows for he replacement of depleted electrolytes and extra hydration. Studies suggest drinking coconut water before exercise might help prevent dehydration from occurring. A preliminary study shows that drinking coconut water before exercising in the heat reduces urine output after exercise without affecting sweat rate compared to plain water. This suggests that coconut water may have a greater hydration capacity than plain water. Coconut water is also being studied as an enhancement for exercise performance. Preliminary clinical research shows that drinking coconut water before exercising in increases cycling time to exhaustion in men by about 2 seconds compared to drinking plain water.
What does this mean for us? When you workout and you sweat it is important to rehydrate. I bring this tea along with me for my beach run/yoga. After successfully losing a lot of water and electrolytes, this drink rehydrates me and cools me down while adding extra vitamins such vitamin C and Some Bs. I find this drink helpful for curing heat-induced headaches, which you can prevent by drinking this tea after and even before a work-out.