Chocolate Hazelnut Edema Kickers

Updated: May 23, 2022

?? Chocolate-Hazelnut Edema-Kickers??= Cacao Powder + Coconut oil + Gotu Kola Leaf, Dried and Powdered + Gotu Kola extract + Sweetener of Choice + Hazelnuts, Powdered + Hazelnuts, chopped (for topping) + Hazelnuts, Whole (for filling)
Gotu-Kola (Centella asiatic) has been used traditionally for hair loss, fatigue, anxiety, depression, improving memory and cognitive function and improving venous circulation. There is current research that shows its efficacy for venous insufficiency including varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, diabetic microangiopathy, and atherosclerosis. Gotu kola’s main active constituents are triterpenoids and what is believed to provide most of these positive healing effects. Gotu kola is one of those herbs that has many folkloric uses yet science is still catching up and many of these uses are not scientifically proven (yet). As always, consult your physician before using any herbs.
I am sure you know what chocolates I am trying to recreate (hint: the ones encased in shiny gold wrappers). I make these chocolates ahead of time, freeze them and bring them along when I am traveling via airplane. Amongst Gotu kola’s many benefits, there is currently enough research (and personal research) to prove its ability to improve lower extremity edema. A randomized placebo-controlled trial has also shown that subjects who took gotu kola before, during and after a flight showed significant improvements in ankle swelling and edema compared with those who took a placebo. I like to eat here a few days before boarding my flight, throughout the flight, and I make sure to be drinking plenty of water.