A solid evening routine sets you up for a successful morning

Updated: May 17, 2022

7:00 pm Prayer/mediation. How I started my day will be how I end my day. Reflecting on the positives and negatives of the day allows me to correct for the following day.

7:30 pm Salt bath. Most nights I add epsom salt, herbs, and essential oils to a warm bath and soak for 20-30 mins. This allows for magnesium absorption through the skin, and aids in muscle recovery after my workout. I always make sure to hydrate during a bath with an herbal tea or a sparkling water.

8:00 pm Preparation. I prepare my supplements, clothes, and any items I needs for the following day before bed. This allows for a more organized and peaceful morning.

8:30 pm Education. Reading before bed allows my mind to quiet. Quieting the mind allows for a more peaceful sleep. If you are having issues with sleep this could be do to things you are doing throughout your day that are hindering your ability to sleep. I discuss this in depth in my miniseries on sleep. I allow my mind to drift while I read and I allow my body to completely relax into that feeling to help promote sleep.


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